Which Waxing is Best for Men?

Which Waxing is Best for Men

Waxing is the hair removal industry’s popular trend that amasses multi-billion dollars, only expected to grow even more significantly. There are many reasons men wax; one is because more males are getting waxed. So, it has indeed become a trend for all. Before this popularity, men had always been engaged in removing hair, specifically their faces and scalps.

But what about their bodies? ‘Manscaping’ or removing unwanted body hair is becoming a serious trend, especially for men. Let us help you determine today which wax is best for men.

Why Is Waxing for Men Different?

Waxing has never been the same nowadays, but in a good way. Most significantly, women get waxed and have their hair removed from different areas of their bodies, including the arms, legs, armpits, eyebrows, and even “down there.” Waxing involves taking hot wax, spreading it on the targeted hair area, and removing it using a cloth. If that’s the case for women, is waxing any different for men? Not really.

The methods are still similar, and men get the same areas waxed as those women. However, one significant difference exists: men have much more hair than women. Males have more hair in places where females don’t grow hair. One example is the chest area. Only a small number of women struggle with hairy chests, whereas this dilemma is a common struggle for men. Additionally, men grow more hair on other body areas, whether on their legs, armpits, or more.

Men’s skins are also much more sensitive in particular areas, unlike women’s. For example, a man’s Brazilian wax, nicknamed “Brazilian wax,” differs from the classic women’s Brazilian wax because men have more nerve endings and sagging skin than women.

Benefits of Waxing

Men are waxing to experience the benefits women have known for years. Here are a few advantages of waxing:

It reduces body odor.

Sweat stays on hair and results in more body odor. Because shaving doesn’t remove hair as effectively as waxing, waxing can combat body odor exceptionally well.

It smoothens the skin.

Instead of struggling with five-o-clock shadows, more men enjoy the smooth skin they get from shaving. However, waxing can give hairless skin for the next three (3) weeks, even longer with six (6) weeks. You’ll look cleaner and more sophisticated with smooth baby skin.

It makes new hair more refined and softer.

When your hair grows back potentially, it will be fine and soft. No more unsightly stubbles to worry about next time. After every waxing, your hair grows even more delicate, and it takes longer to grow back.

It gives the muscles more definition.

Excess hair in our bodies disguises our muscles and stubbles. Waxing removes entire hair shafts and produces much more prominent muscles for games or competitions. That’s why athletes, bodybuilders, and other sports enthusiasts wax their chest, back, and legs for more muscle definition.

Where Men Usually Get Waxed

Waxing services are abundant for men, and they’re all becoming more popular. But there are a few surprising places where men want and enjoy being waxed and pampered.

Facial Hair

Even though bearded looks are still popular, more men still choose to forego their whiskers. But they also aren’t shaving; instead, they prefer waxing because it offers powerful effects. Typical areas of the face where men get waxed include the following:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Lip
  • Nose

In addition, men also don’t need to wax off all their facial hair. Waxing can help men choose to groom some facial regions to get their desire.


Even though most men believe that extra hair on their chests is the epitome of manhood, others would choose to be hairless on the chest. Waxing the chest makes hair grow back lighter and softer. Most men prefer chest waxing over shaving daily. This procedure also does not result in razor burns, cuts, nicks, and any other irritation forms experienced when they resort to shaving.


As one of the waxing services for men, back waxing has become one of the most common services men enjoy. Some have naturally hairy backs, so shaving them alone is nearly impossible. Waxing not only handles unwanted hair growth on the back but also lets your hair take a long time to grow back.

In addition, back waxing services are also flexible since you have the option of waxing either your entire back or only a portion.


Believe it or not, more men choose to remove the hair from their legs. Many athletes keep their legs hairless, while other men prefer and love the look. Instead of shaving their legs, more men wax them so that hair grows back after more prolonged periods.

Men’s Brazilian or Bikini Wax

Much like women’s wax, a Brazilian wax is probably the best waxing for men. Everything goes with this waxing method. From hair underneath the abdomen, the hair on the anus, between the upper thighs, and around the external genitals — including the more sensitive regions such as the scrotum. More men prefer waxing instead of shaving because the hair doesn’t get back stubbly and prickly. Instead, it becomes lighter and softer.

Expectations from Your First Waxing Appointment

As an effective procedure, waxing offers many benefits and has become more popular. It’s normal to be nervous about any appointments in general. Here’s what you can expect.

Before Your Appointment

  • Specific preparational steps can make men’s waxing experience more comfortable. Shower before your appointment; however, don’t apply any lotion. Technicians would want to work on clean and dry, not slippery skin.
  • Refrain from wearing tight clothes to help avoid potential rubbing to the area getting waxed. Articles of clothing that are loose-fit are more comfortable.
  • Relax during your waxing. And although it will hurt, it will not be as bad as you think.

At Clinics and Med Spas

  • The technician will look at your hair to ensure it’s the proper length. Certain waxing services, such as facial hair, need to determine how much needs to be removed or how much you want to keep.
  • When it comes to waxing, technicians dip a wooden stick in warm wax. Then, they will spread this wax on a section of your hair. After a second to let the wax settle, they will use a cloth, apply it to the wax, then quickly remove the hair. Technicians will repeat this procedure until the entire section is waxed and hair wholly removed.

After Care

  • Some simple maintenance can give you the best results. Refrain from exercising for the next day or two once you’re done waxing. Continue wearing loose clothing and apply lotion to your skin to keep it smooth and free from irritation.

Final Thoughts on Men’s Waxing

Waxing for men has indeed become and is still gaining more popularity. Men can discover several benefits to waxing and have incredible results. Talk to skin experts and book your waxing appointment to care for and maintain your skin properly.

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