EZgel / EZ PRF: An Exceptional Natural Gel for Regeneration

Unveiling a groundbreaking gel, EZgel / EZ PRF presents an array of endless possibilities for utilizing autologous blood concentrates. With its reliance on the body’s intrinsic potent proteins rather than synthetic chemical compounds, EZgel takes the lead as the ultimate solution for skin rejuvenation and volumization.

The formulation of EZgel involves the fusion of growth factors extracted from liquid EZPRF and the albumin found in Plasma. This remarkable combination is accomplished through a centrifugation and heating process devoid of chemical additives or modifications. The resulting EZgel exhibits an innovative and adaptable consistency, seamlessly conforming to various treatment areas.

One of the most notable features of EZgel is its exceptional tolerance among most patients because of its 100% natural origin and complete absence of chemicals. The possibilities are truly limitless with EZgel / EZ PRF!

Benefits of EZGel include:

● Volume enhancement & symmetry adjustment
● Rejuvenates the skin
● Stimulates collagen production
● Reduces signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines & loose skin)
● Reduces acne scars

Uses of EZGel

● Under-eye area
● Nasolabial folds
● Crow’s feet
● Cheeks
● Marionette lines
● Chin
● Jawline
● Smokers lines
● Lips


EZgel is suitable for individuals seeking skin rejuvenation and volumization. It can be used by those looking for a natural and effective solution to enhance their appearance and address various aesthetic concerns.

EZgel stands out due to its innovative and flexible consistency, which allows it to adapt to different treatment areas with ease. It offers versatility and customization in rejuvenation treatment plans customized for each patient.

EZgel is obtained by combining the growth factors derived from liquid EZPRF with the albumin found in Plasma. This fusion is achieved through a process of centrifugation and heating without the need for any chemicals or modifications.

EZgel can provide long-lasting results, usually lasting several months, though individual results may vary. Maintenance treatments may be needed to prolong the effects.

Available only in Mapleton Location

The Treatment


$450/per treatment area


$600/per treatment area

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