BBL Forever Clear

The BBL Forever Clear uses advanced technology with Broadband Light that activates the body’s natural healing process, causing cell regeneration that results in clarified, healthy skin. The device has three levels of light to treat acne, including blue, yellow, and infrared.


The most common areas treated include the face, neck, back, and chest. However, any area can be targeted with this procedure.

Yes. This treatment was FDA approved to treat acne and oily skin.

You’ll see optimal results from two to four treatments scheduled once biweekly.

Yes. You might get mild redness for a day. Some patients also get tingling, swelling, tenderness, or dark patches on the treated area. These symptoms subside within a few hours.

The Treatment

BBL Forever Clear

45 minutes

There are flashes in the Forever Clear BBL treatment, so we’ll give you protective eyewear before the treatment begins. After the eyewear has been placed, we’ll apply an ultrasound gel to help the handpiece glide more easily and for the light to be efficiently absorbed. The handheld device will go on your skin, delivering rapid light directly into the skin. Forever Clear BBL treatments have minimal discomfort, with only a slight prickling sensation on top of the skin and some warmth. After the procedure is complete, the gel will be removed from the treated area. Treatment time will vary for everyone, but typically sessions last approximately 20 minutes. SCITON’s BBL acne-specific treatment for the face, chin, and neck. We recommend six treatments spaced two weeks apart, then maintenance after. Teens are welcome for this treatment with parental consent.

Available only in Mapleton Location

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