PDO Threading

PDO threading is a minimally invasive treatment that will give you a subtle lift. The smooth and barbed threads we use will give your skin a renewed and youthful appearance. This procedure treats mild skin laxity or sagging skin that isn’t in a severe condition. What do thread lifts do? It tightens your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and gently pulling your skin upwards by tightening the thread.

A perfect treatment if you would like to achieve:


A thread lift can treat lax skin near the cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes.

The complete results can be seen three to four weeks after treatment.

The threads are absorbed by the body six months after the procedure.

Yes. You might get swelling, bruising, skin puckering, dimpling, or irritation. These symptoms subside within a few hours.

The Treatment

Our various thread types are safe and slowly absorb within the targeted area. Your treatment will be completely customized, and our experts will handpick your thread type to give you optimal results. We use MINT PDO threads used for over thirty years in cosmetic surgery as an effective technique. These non-toxic threads are available in several sizes and forms. The thinner threads restore volume and rejuvenate the targeted area. Whereas the thicker threads lift and hold sagging skin on the neck or jowls.

PDO Thread Consultation

30 minutes

Consultation for MINT PDO threads. We will review your goals and come up with a treatment plan.

PDO Barbed Threads

45 minutes

PDO lifting/barbed threads are $200/each. Consultation is needed for a price quote.

PDO Smooth Threads

30 minutes

PDO smooth threads are $150 per pack of 10. Consultation is needed for a price quote.

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