Botox Party

The Botox Party Method will bring you and your friends together on your next girl’s night at our office. We’ll reserve the office for you and your guests and design a personalized treats table. It’s perfect for exciting events and special occasions such as bridal parties, bachelorette parties, and more! Contact us to book your next girls’ night or another event. Special party pricing is available.


A Botox party is a social gathering at a house or office, providing guests with injections to smooth wrinkles.

Yes. Our Botox parties will have particular restrictions to ensure safe and effective treatments.

Botox is a botulinum toxin type A used to soften and relax facial lines and wrinkles for three to four months. We may provide numbing cream to guests for maximum comfort while administering the injections.

Yes. You might get mild bruising. We recommend not consuming alcoholic beverages before getting an injection to prevent bruising. 

The Treatment

Here’s How It Works

You may invite unlimited guests to the in-office Botox party for up to three hours. Botox parties are only offered in the office (not at home). There is a minimum of 5 guests required for the party.

What We Supply

The host receives botox at a discounted rate and a goody bag of discounts for services at our clinic. Each guest will receive a goody bag and a 15% off coupon for future services at our clinic. We’ll also offer 15% off any additional services booked the night of the event.

Botox Requirements

There’s no minimum spend amount. Instead, the host pays a $250 deposit that can go towards their purchase. A minimum of 5 guests is required for the party.

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